Limited Edition Print (of 25) Persisters: Dinah Poellnitz

Limited Edition, 20 x 20 inch Print of:

Persisters: Dinah Poellnitz

Oil on canvas

24 x 24 inches



The Persisters Series: Unlike traditional portraits, Centybear’s PERSISTER paintings depict women with their faces partially masked. Through covering the face she asks the world to look harder, to pay attention, to these women and more specifically to important human issues of our time. These life-size highly realistic oil paintings represent women entrepreneurs, political activists, women working in the arts, and commissioned subjects. The masking of the face acknowledges the parts of ourselves we cannot easily reach or share with the outside world and brings attention to struggles in our personal evolution due to societal and prejudicial barriers such as race, gender, personal traumas, mental illness, the list is never ending.


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